Thursday, April 2, 2009

Honda Grand Prix of St Petersburg

Thursday Night

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My first post from the racetrack. Well technically the hotel at the race.... But still! I had a walk around the circuit with my engineer. It is really neat and has a bit of everything. The south end is on a runway so it is wide open and has some runoff where the north end is through the downtown streets so it is much tighter with less room for error. It also runs right along a harbor with some yachts moored- very Monaco GP. I think that the key to a good lap time is going to be a consistent stable car that you can trust. Then you can really build into the braking zones and get the rolling speeds up. Should be a lot of fun!

You can catch my shorter updates from my Twitter. I may end up doing more updates on there from my iPhone as I am not sure how I am going to get online at the track. The updates here will probably be nightly recaps from the day.

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  1. All those months spent training on Burnout are finally coming to fruition.