Monday, April 27, 2009

Close Call

I just watched the race coverage from Kansas and I really did have a close call! I obviously didn't realize during the race that Yacaman had spun and then hit me, not hit me and then spun as I had originally thought. Another 6 inches and I would have been headed straight into the wall. 6 inches in the other direction and I would have finished in the top 8. As it was, all it cost me was 2 laps and 5 positions (and a right rear). Some of the wrecks were definitely scary. I think maybe it is a good thing that the recording didn't work at home. At least my mom will let me race the rest of the year! :)
Thanks to IRL Photo for this picture- practice running in a pack.

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  1. Did we make a mistake by having your parents over to watch the race? :-)