Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Night at St. Pete

A very short one as it is almost 10:30 and so very much past my bedtime!

Practice this morning didn't go to plan as Mother Nature wreaked havoc on us. We were all ready to go and then about an hour before the start, there was a torrential downpour (as it can only seem to do in Florida!). So we ran the whole session on wet tires. I ended the session in 17th- mainly because clear laps were almost impossible and I was learning the track, the tires, the car in the wet. There were quite a few things not going my way! But still, we learned somethings for the next time it's wet and I was pretty comfortable with how the circuit was laid out.

Then came qualifying and I was in the second of the two 20 minute sessions. I watched the first group run the whole time without a hiccup. Then it was our turn. On the out lap, Richard Philippe put it into the tires to bring out the first of three full course yellows. So out of the 20 minute session, I got about 5 hot laps and none that weren't disturbed by traffic- one way or another. Couple that with learning the track in the dry and on my fastest lap I had to pass another car which cost me .25 of a second, and I am very happy to have been 6th in my group (out of 14 cars). This means I will start on row 6 in 12th spot. From there though, with a smart race and good passing, I can easily finish in the top 6-8.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow morning's qualifying session. I know the track a bit more now and I hope we get some clean laps!

Also, had a photo shoot in my new suit today for a sponsor that will launch at Long Beach. Then this evening I had dinner with said sponsors and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We ate at a restaurant right by the harbor and had some really neat conversation.

Time for a good night's sleep and go quick tomorrow!

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