Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Friday

So my Friday started of nice and early with an interview with Garth the weather guy from KABC 7 at 6:15 this morning. The morning was nice and crisp and promising a beautiful day. The interview went really well and the PR people and sponsor were super happy with it all.

Then it was into practice! The track is a lot of fun, more like a real street circuit than St. Pete was. The road crown plays a huge part into the car set up as well as the bumps around the streets. I was 13th quickest and we had a lot improvements to make to the car.

After a quick nap and a healthy lunch (grilled chicken with spaghetti and salad), it was back out for practice 2. We made some gearing changes going into practice 2 and it helped some, but didn't fix all of my problems. After sitting down and debriefing, we think we have made some big gains in lap time with the gearing set up. It's good as I was only 18th quickest!! It was a shame because I know I could have been quicker but got a bit blocked on my last laps.

Then it time for another debrief, and then onto a big video shoot for my new sponsor, Novo Nordisk- the company that makes my insulin. We had to interrupt that for the autograph session with all the Indy Car drivers. I was at the table with Danica Patrick and so got the most people cycling through for autographs. I went through probably 200 hero cards!!!

And back to the video shoot- lots of fun though. I am finally done at the track. I am just going to grab a quick healthy bite to eat before a well deserved full nights sleep. Qualifying starts bright and early tomorrow morning at 8:45.

Good Night!!!

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