Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday greetings, congrats and updates!

Happy Friday!

The big news of the day... congrats to Ambre Morley on her promotion at Novo Nordisk--extremely well-deserved! Ambre has been a major leader and advocate for our partnership program from day one, and I can't thank her enough for lending her expertise, time and support!

After a busy week out on the West coast (you know, the Best coast), I'm laying low for a few days and resting up for Brazil. I stopped by the Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing shop on Wednesday to pack up all of my gear for the shipment to Sao Paulo--triple-checked the list, don't worry. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with some elementary school kids at IMS for the 500 Festival Education Program. Hopefully they learned a bit about IndyCar and will come back to see us in May!

The always-popular question: What if you need to go to the bathroom while in the car?!

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  1. I personally think the meet the kids part is the best part of the job you have.

    Oh, and how did you answer the bath room question? lol