Friday, May 29, 2009

Mega Milwaukee Mile

I am here at the incredible Milwaukee Mile and am all ready to go for the race here this weekend. I had the opportunity to come test here a few weeks back. It was well worth it! After Indianapolis which was 2.5 miles, flat out at 190 mph, Milwaukee is very very different. The oval here is a mile long with very limited banking. As a result, you have to lift at both ends of the track. The track is part of the state fairgrounds and so there is one big grandstand down the front straight. That is very different to Indy which seats 300-350 thousand people. I am looking forward to getting back on track as it is more like a road course with two 180 degree high speed corners than an oval. Also, my race engineer won this race last year and made everyone else look ordinary. So I know I will have a good car and hope that my inexperience here and on ovals in general (this will be my 3rd ever!) doesn't hurt us too much. Practice starts tomorrow morning at 8:15 for an hour, then second practice at 11:30 or 12:30 for 30 minutes, and the last on track session for Saturday will be Qualifying at 2:30PM. There will an autograph session at 5:30 at the track with all Indy Lights and Indy Car drivers in the paddock. Sunday the pre-race starts at 11 with the Husar's House of Fine Diamonds 100 presented by Charter starting at 11:30. It will be 100 hard laps around this track and tire wear may be an issue depending on the weather. The forecast looks good at the moment, but this near the lake, things can change by the minute.

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