Friday, May 22, 2009

Frantic Freedom 100

Today's Freedom 100 was a lot of fun even though I didn't get the result I wanted. We were pretty confident as a team heading into the race. My teammate was 6th on the grid and I was 7th. I didn't have the greatest of starts and lost a few spots early on. Then I avoided the spinning Martin Plowman and Pippa Mann moving me back inside the top 10 as we circulated under the first yellow flag. Then we went green again and I started to move begin to move through the pack when there was a two car crash ahead of me in Turn 1 involving Ana Beatriz and her teammate Gustavo Yacaman. They hit the outside wall and spun to the inside. I was lucky I could keep the car high and get past them. This put me 9th on the restart. After a short 3 lap stint of green, it went yellow for debris in Turn 4. On the restart, the car ahead of me, Andrew Prenderville, had a car failure and I was lucky to avoid him. This meant it took me a few laps before I caught Mike Potekhen. I then had a big tow down the back straight and went to the low side of him into Turn 3. I was alongside of him and he kept moving down the track towards me. I had to drop my left front tire below the white line and he kept coming. He finally moved so far down the track that he hit my right front tire with his left rear and because he was chopping down so aggressively, he spun across my front to the bottom of the track. The contact bent my steering arm and the car took off towards the outside wall. I managed to get it under control and bring it into pit lane, but my day was done.

I really think we had a car for the top 5 or 6 towards the end of the race. It was a shame but when we get some luck, we will be close to the front consistently at the end of the races. I am really looking forward to Milwaukee next week. It is totally different than Indianapolis and there is much more of a driver talent involved. Plus, we had a good test there and should have a leg up on some of the other drivers.

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