Tuesday, January 29, 2013

24 hours of new experiences and victory!

I just keep shaking my head and thinking, wow--did that really happen this weekend?! And of course,  I keep checking the time on my new Rolex!

For the Ganassi group to be able get together with different cars, different drivers, all different walks of life and yet all from one team... We do our job in the car and in the pits, and to come away with a win is just overwhelming. Having Scott, Memos and Juan as teammates took a lot of pressure off my shoulders because I knew that I could settle in, and as long as I was smart and didn't make too many big mistakes and kept us in the race they'd put us in a position to win at the end. Overall what an incredible race! With about four hours to go, I looked up and thought, we have the whole Indy 500 left to run as far as time. It's hard on everybody--mechanics, team, drivers--but it's such an awesome event and such a great race, and just to be a part of it with these guys and learn from these guys was really special. I think it'll help me not only in this side with the roof but also without a roof later this year.

I have to thank Chip and the whole Ganassi Racing team for the opportunity to participate this weekend. A big congrats to CGR for their fifth Rolex 24 win, Scott for his record-tying fifth win at Daytona, and Memos and Juan for their third Rolex watches!

Now, it's time for me to put my focus back on the 2013 IndyCar season and work toward my first IndyCar win!

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