Wednesday, November 14, 2012

World Diabetes Day

Wearing my blue circle pin for diabetes awareness in Chicago last week!
As you may know, today is World Diabetes Day. November 14 is a special day to make one small change toward a healthier future. Today I urge you to reach out to just one person and ask them to talk to their doctor about diabetes. Many of you took part in our Race With Insulin campaign this past season by signing my show car at the track... click here to "Take the Pledge" online today!

IndyCar fans who signed my car to "Take the Pledge"

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  1. Like your car all signed and having support from people. My son has diabete type 1. He races Go-Karts and this fall we did a fundraier. People would donated money then they would get to sign his kart it was a great hit and it looked cool and all the money went to JDRF. Kyles home track is in Wisconsin and he loves racing. We hope to meet you someday.