Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday at Edmonton

Here is a quick practice results update with a little more detail than my twitter. I ended the session in P3 and was bouncing around the top 3 all session. I am really happy with the car and got out with a huge smile on my face. Edmonton is an airport circuit so it is pretty wide open, with some really tight twisty sections. Also, with the harsh northern Alberta winters, the track is a bit rougher than last year. And it was bumpy then! With a rough track like this, a bad car can make for a long weekend. But with a good car, it sure makes it fun! I finished just 0.04 off of Hinch in second and about 0.2 off of my teammate, Plowey, who was quickest. Plowey ran a set of new tires though and I have some things to work on- both in driving and with my engineer. There is definitely more to come. I can't wait until tomorrow morning's practice and then qualifying in the early afternoon.

As a quick side note (really quickly, otherwise I will be late to dinner!), the Canadian fans are awesome. Today was Friday, just practice and the stands were pretty full. There were a lot of really knowledgeable people walking around and the Indy Lights autograph session was well subscribed. It probably didn't hurt that today's weather was nearly perfect. Bring on the race weekend!


  1. Charlie,

    Love this racing talk. Would like to have tweet reminder about watching the qualifying runs and races on the web as well. It would help keep up with the schedule so I can watch more of your races.